Todd English Cookware Reviews 2021 – PTFE-Free Non-Stick

We recently spent some time with this pan in our test kitchen and we liked what we experienced.  Before we get into the details of the review lets cover some background information on this cookware line.

GreenPan cookware is the first completely PTFE-free non-stick cookware that utilizes the revolutionary Thermolon technology.

You may also like to check our guide to hard anodized cookware which produces a hard substance that is used to make this anodized cookware.

Thermolon is the first patented ceramic-based non-stick coating that performs at high temperatures without deterioration.  Because PTFE and PFOA are not used in manufacturing there are 60% less CO2 emissions in the application of Thermolon compared to some other non-stick coatings.

Todd English Green Pan Is Eco-friendly And Performs Exceptionally Well

Not only is this GreenPan Fry Pan environmentally friendly but it also performs beautifully in the kitchen.  The first thing we noticed is how light although well constructed the pan was.

Although the pan is light it still feels sturdy.  The handle is riveted to the pan which prevents the handle from coming loose and having given to it like a handle that is attached with bolts. Click here to know how many people recently bought this product.

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So How Well Does The Pan Heat?

The second thing we noticed was how quickly it heats up and how evenly the heat is dispersed.  The first few times you use this pan you probably want to use a lower heat setting until you figure out how it heats up with your stove.

We were able to use medium heat on dishes that we would normally cook on medium-high.  Although the pan heats quickly the end of the handle stays very cool up to about halfway to the pan. You can read happy customer’s review here.

Does The Handle Get Hot When Cooking?

One, of the very few complaints that we could come up with while using this pan, is how hot the half of the handle closest to the pan becomes.  Most newer cookware handles are constructed with a V shape where the handle connects to the pan.  This allows for heat disbursement and helps keep the whole handle cool.

Although the part of the handle closest to the pan gets hot, there is still plenty of room for your hand on the handle, it is just important to keep in mind not to grab the handle close to the pan.  While this is a design flaw, it wouldn’t be a deterrent for us when considering purchasing this product.

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The Non-Stick Coating Worked Perfectly

By following some standard rules of cooking with non-stick cookware we had no problems with sticking at all.  When testing the pan, we heated it to medium heat and poured some olive oil in the pan, and before placing our meat in the pan we allowed it to sit out for 10-15 minutes. Also, know the genuine negative reviews of the product by some users.

We did notice that it was a little difficult to see when the olive oil was swirling due to the light color of the non-stick coating but again this wasn’t a major issue and wouldn’t deter us from purchasing this pan.  The non-stick coating made clean up a breeze.  We simply wiped the pan clean with a paper towel after use. It can be compared with the most recommended ceramic cookware.

Overall This Pan Performed Wonderfully

The dish we prepared was Pork Medallions with Crimini (Baby Portabella) Mushroom Sauce.  The pork came out perfect and was so tender that it virtually melted your mouth.

After cooking we noticed that some of the finish had scratched off the bottom of the pan while using it for sauteing. Scratches became less visible after hand washing but were still noticeable. It is compatible with quality induction cooktops.

Final Thoughts

To recap this pan is nothing extremely fancy.  It is just good quality, the simple pan that performs beautifully.  As you read in the article we listed a total of three complaints that we found while testing this pan but none of them were enough to keep us from loving every second of cooking with this wonderful piece of cookware. This is definitely a recommended purchase by the cookware-solutions team.

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