Is Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Safe

If you love cooking for your family, you have to consider not just the taste of the food you will serve them but also safety. With the many types and kinds of cookware available in the market, have you ever thought which of them is best for you to use and purchase?

Are you familiar with Teflon cookware and aluminum cookware? How about ceramic cookware?

Ceramic is one of the latest materials used for cookware, and fortunately, these are the safest and most environmentally friendly option as ceramic does not produce chemicals that are unhealthy and hazardous.

Even how good ceramic cookware is, there are pros and cons you also have to consider. This article will let you know more about ceramic cookware and reasons why it is a material for you to consider when buying cooking sets.

Pros & Cons of Ceramic Cookware

The Pros or Advantages of Using Ceramic Cookware

There are so many reasons why would you go for ceramic cookware, and to name them, read below:

  • It is easy to clean: You can use any kind and types of solutions and tools when cleaning ceramics and with this, you can enjoy a speedy cleaning without worrying about any damages.

  • It does not scratch: One of the reasons why people go for this option is, it is scratch proof.

  • It is made of non-stick coating: Now, you do not have to worry and feel afraid about your fish sticking on the pan as ceramic cookware will not let it happen.

  • Food can be cooked in ceramic cookware even in low heat: One of the reasons why people turn to this option is it lets them cook their food without the need for high heat, hence helping them save gas or power consumption.

  • Food is tastier when cooked in ceramic cookware: Users confirm that cooking food in ceramic is better and foods are not getting dry.

  • It looks beautiful: It does not only cook food safely but it is aesthetically beautiful too. This cookware also come in different colors and designs. So, you can buy according to your personality and lifestyle.

  • It can be refrigerated: If you decide to cook in this cookware, you do not have to think about transferring food from the pan to a plastic container to refrigerate.

  • Non-Toxic: Yes it is non-toxic, even after scratched and used under extreme heat.

  • Lightweight: It is made of the aluminum base and ceramic coating hence expect that it is lightweight.

ceramic cookware dangers

The Cons or Disadvantages of using Air-Fryers

There are a lot of reasons, apart from safety, for switching to ceramic cookware. But, as previously said, there are also some cons you have to know about before finally deciding to buy ceramic cookware:

  • Durability: Unfortunately, it is not as durable as cast iron and stainless steel. The lifespan may be shorter and you cannot maximize your money especially if you are careless when using it.

  • Metal is not recommended to use: The ceramic surface can be very delicate hence using metal to cook food may not be the best way to do.

  • Low-quality construction: Worry not as much, as this cookware is made of high-quality materials, only that they are pricey. However, if you go for cheaper options, you may experience dissatisfaction as it might not meet your expectations.

is ceramic non stick cookware safe

How good is ceramic cookware to your health

Ceramic contains no chemical additives and completely non-reactive. Also, this can help you enjoy your food with less amount of oil.

Apart from it being safe for everyone to use, you can also enjoy savings from it. As previously discussed, you can save money from gas and electricity, and you can also save money from oil, as you only need a minimal amount of oil to cook food using ceramic.

So, how do you keep your ceramic cookware in its prime condition, read the tips you can follow to enjoy your ceramic cookware even more:

  • Clean your cookware immediately after use. When cleaning, you can use baking soda, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide if there are burned stains. Make sure that it is clean all the time and no residue is left anywhere on the surface.

  • Store it properly. Just like with any of your cookware, if this is not stored properly, it may get damaged and dents. Keep it in a location that is stable. Lying them to places may cause the material to crack, chip and break. Although chipped and cracked ceramic cookware can still be used, it may not be aesthetically appealing.

  • Cooldown the ceramic. Immediate changes in temperature may damage its coating. If this you do, you might end up cooking like in a regular pan.

  • Avoid using metal. If you do not want to see your cookware full of scratches, do not use metal on it. It is best if you use spatula/ladle that is made of wood or anything else that won’t scratch.