Best Induction Cooktop (REVIEWS & BUYING GUIDE 2021)

Looking for the Best Induction Cooktop? An induction cooktop is the best way to cook for professionals in a work environment or just for the average household. Induction cooking has long been widely used around the world, both by professionals and homemakers.

But in the last few years, the technology has improved so much that this kitchen equipment is used for both commercial and residential uses. It has become available in each and every area to provide great comfort to people.

Induction cooking equipment is now affordable than ever and it is a great way to cook. Induction cooking technology is the latest, fastest, and most recent development which uses electrical energy for its working. Induction cookers are different from old electric cooktops, electric heaters, electric coils, and hot plates on the basis of their working and unique features.

Induction cooktops heat food more evenly. They also feature temperature control and the capacity for very low-temperature settings. They also produce less waste heat. This is useful if we are working with sensitive food that needs to be cooked carefully and kept cold beforehand.


DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8100MC

Duxtop is a cooking brand widely known for its single burner induction cooking technology that employs burners with a cutting edge over normal cooking burners. The heating produced by the cooktop detects the ferromagnetic material in our cookware and is the best portable induction cooktop.

It has two advantages over other models in the series that is a child protection system that ensures our child’s safety and a digital sensor panel for control over a push button. The design is very sleek and may be called as the top induction cooktop as far as design is concerned. It consumes very less space which is very advantageous.

top induction cooktop pans

If we talk about capacity it can hold cookware with a minimum diameter of 4 inches and there is no maximum diameter of the cookware to be used with this cooktop. Considering technical features, it uses 120 volts, 15 amps of electricity which is standard in all homes.

It is lightweight so it is very easy to move from one place to another and compact for easy handling and storage. It is equipped with digital control panel and count-down digital timer. It can provide temperature range from 140°F to 460°F.

The important feature in this cooktop is auto-pan detection which will shut the unit automatically after 60 seconds if no cookware is detected and it also have a diagnostic error message system. The energy produced by the Duxtop Induction Cooktop is directly supplied to the cooking vessel by a magnetic field.

The burners in it are self-adjusting which detect the size of the cookware base and automatically adjust so that very little energy is wasted which is very beneficial. This cooktop is fast and safe to use and very easy to clean. Water boils at a faster rate than a standard gas stove.

Stir fry speed is very efficient in this cooktop and working with it is very easy to operate. Deep frying is also very commendable as temperature maintenance property of burner is very efficient which will never overheat the food.

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Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

It is an upgraded, stainless steel induction cooktop for the better cook. The highest grade functions and design in this counter top model, for those who demand excellence. Cooking with it is extremely fast and safe and it is one of the top rated induction cooktops available.

best induction cooktop reviewsWith the push of a button, the temperature changes instantly, just like cooking with gas, but without the open flame. The cooktop stays cool except where it comes in contact with the pan, so this stove is safer and keeps the kitchen cooler.

It is great for use in a busy restaurant kitchen, but may also be used in culinary schools, catered events, buffets, or in the home. This unit is 1800 watts, but it has variable settings which range from 500 unto maximum which finally helps in conserving power. The controls are push buttons which are very easy to use.

It is an excellent product for residential kitchens and office. It can also be used in a small restaurant, but its size might restrict commercial cooking. However, its compact size and high efficiency makes it an excellent option to purchasing.

Considering technical features, the 1800 Watts LED display and 10 power levels temperature range from 100°F – 450°F 180-minute timer. Cookware detection sensor and overheat

sensor is safe for young and old. Push-button controls and the digital display is an advanced feature in it. Some of the great features of this cooktop are multiple temperature and power settings, ease of use and compact design, smart features ensuring safe cooking.

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NuWave Precision 14.5 Inch Induction Cooktop with Hard Anodized 9 Inch Fry Pan

The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop (PIC) offers temperature control which can be adjusted in 10-degree increments. It has a minimum setting of 100°F and an upper limit of 575°which is a wider temperature range. It also offers state-of-the art programming technology with 100 hours of memory that allows us to save and recall favorite cooking induction cooktop

Different functions include varying cooking times and temperatures, and it can be recorded and repeated at a later date. A “Delay” function in it allows us to initiate cooking when it’s most convenient.

This cooktop is engineered with a circular design scheme, so it uses very less space which is very beneficial.

This pleasing unit also offers top-of-the-line safety features that promote safe and healthy cooking for individuals and families, including automatic shut off when cooking time is completed.

It is portable and its compact size offers a large cooking area, measuring 9 inches in diameter. As it is bigger in size, it allows greater diversity in cooking vessels and portion sizes. The product also comes with great customer support and free value-added resources such as lifetime membership to the online Precision Cooking Club.

It is very versatile as it offers different features like boiling, simmer, deep-fry, sauté, steam, slow cook, barbecue, melt, and grill. It is very cool to touch so it is very safe. The control panel have LCD display features with different temperature settings.

Even this advanced cooktop is very energy efficient which uses 90% less energy than a traditional or electric stove. In this, the system of operation does not require coils or open flames so it reduces the risk of fire. This cooktop with advanced features is very useful and is the best-rated induction cooktop as far as features are concerned.

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True Induction S2F2 Cooktop, Double Burner, Energy Efficient

The TRUE 2 Burner Induction Cooktop is an energy efficient portable induction cooktop that offers the perfect union of sleek design and advanced technology. It offers quick response times, heating and instant heat adjustments.

It offers a state of the art cooking experience and is very much safe to use. True Induction portable cookers are safe because there are no open flames and the countertop induction unit heats the pan and food at chosen temperatures only, not the entire area.

which is the best induction cooktop

The smooth surface of this cooktop is very easy to clean after every use. The multiple features of this cooktop are very advanced and makes it easy to use. Also, a large pan can also be placed across both the burners which are very beneficial and this feature is not available in every cooktop.

It is powered by a standard kitchen 120V outlet. This is a dual induction cooktop which has the built-in power sharing technology. Suppose if we are only using one burner, that the burner can utilize the full 1800 watts and we turn on the other burner the system automatically balances available 1800 watts between the two burners.

So it also allows us to use full 1800 watts. The digital touch panel is located on the top of the model to avoid any strain in finding knobs. There are no plastic or separators on the surface. It is all one solid piece of glass making clean-up simple and quick and is a better induction cooktop if you want to save energy.

The weight sensor in this is its unique feature which automatically turns off the burner when no weight is sensed by it. Overheating sensors in this cooktop recognize when no cookware is present and they are 90% energy efficient.

Timer function and exact temperature setting help in precise cooking.It helps in melting chocolate/confectionaries without the double boiler. It is very easy to use because of simple touch controls. This is a very high-quality cooktop which can be used daily or occasionally and offers many functions which aid in safety. Despite the fact that it consists of two burners, it consumes very less space also.

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Ivation 1800 Watt Portable Induction Countertop Cooktop Burner, Easy clean full glass top

This cooktop is made of a high-quality material to ensure durability. A system of accurate control settings  provides a high powered output and consistent heat levels. It helps us to cook an endless variety of food.

Some of the advanced features of this cooktop are that it provides safety Lock, auto off cooking timer from 0 to 80 minutes for efficient cooking. The equipment is made up of premium components which help it offer a reliability and increases its life span.

best induction cooktop for home use

Cooking vessels with a capacity of 4 to 10-inch diameter can easily be used. It works very much faster than a traditional electric stove which is very much beneficial. It runs very quietly and smoothly. The glass cooktop has a premium feel and is very easy to clean.

This equipment is very well constructed and great looking and its fan and motor runs very quietly. It offers twenty preset choices which make it very much versatile. It also provides very high and low voltage warnings which are an important feature. Also, this is a super model to choose if a person is new to induction cooking.

Considering its technical aspects, this model has twenty power levels out of which ten levels are based upon wattage and other ten are based on a degree Fahrenheit. Wattage levels are much hotter to be used. The quality of this induction hot plate is very good for the price. It is very much light in weight.

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Fagor America 670041900 Portable Induction Pro Cooktop, 1800W, Black

This induction cooktop is a versatile, powerful and easy to use. The distinctive feature is the 8 user-friendly quick launch buttons that take the guesswork out of cooking. These 8 pre-set buttons for temperature control are warm, simmer, boil, rapid boil, Sauté, brown, sear, stir-fry which give us precise temperature control for our specific cooking needs.Commercial induction cooktop

This unit use 90% of energy produced and provides precise and instant heat, but it also cooks up to 50-percent faster than gas and electric methods. Induction cooking also saves energy, time, and money.

It takes just seconds for the pan to heat up. We can control the temperatures very accurately. It does take a few times in a learning curve but after that it is great.

If we are searching for a low priced cooktop with great features then this is the best induction cooktop. Temperature range is 140-465 f and has a power of 1800 watts with different types of launch buttons. This cooktop is very safe to use and will not generate heat and shuts off automatically if cookware is not detected.

It has a glass surface so it is very easy to clean. Spills will not stick and will never burn the surface of the cooktop. The digital display is very easy to read which shows cooking time and temperature. It is very light in weight so it is portable. In hot summers, they keep the kitchen cool so it is very advantageous. Cooking in any place while enjoying the outdoors.

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Mr. Induction SR-343C 3400-Watt Countertop Commercial Range, 208-240-Volt

This cooktop has a 5mm thick tempered glass cooktop and offers smart scan technology voltage. Power mode consists of 20 levels (1300-3400w) and temperature mode of 90-440f which makes it very versatile. It has large led display so temperature readings are easily visible.

It has a simple touch sensitive controls and stainless steel body. Power on/off touch pad with indicator light helps in voltage protection. So this is the most advanced commercial induction equipment available. It is the right Induction Cooktop for demonstration cooking, suite service, catering, and buffets.

best cookware for induction cooktops

It is recommended for restaurants use only. Considering technical advantages the input voltage is 208-240V / 50Hz, Phase 1, power consumption is 3400W / 20A, plug NEMA 6-20P, receptacle NEMA 6-20R, cord length is 5.9-Feet and net weight is 13.45-pound which makes it easy to carry.

 It boils water very quickly, and the control dial facilitates quick settings. This model shares the design “feature” of the other 220v models currently available. It concentrates heat in a ring inside the pan. But this is not ideal for simmering or other low heat applications.

Cooks will need a cheap timer when using the hob for high heat. It has no internal timer. This is seldom a problem for me: Usually, in conjunction with a food program, I just zap a large pot to bring up the temperature, then set to simmer. Works well with 5-6 gallons of food for some dishes.

But for simmering the temperature dial can be used. Usually, no double boiler is needed. The hob will keep the contents within a few degrees of temperature increments. Transfer of energy to food can be as much as 80%, almost as much as a microwave. In summer, the cost of electricity for removing the lost heat from gas or resistance/radiative electric can make induction 5 to 10 times cheaper.

 The astounding feature of this cooktop is that it will boil a pint of water in under 10 seconds. It is used to prepare big meals faster. This is a high-powered commercial instrument. So it can be used when we need to cook a large quantity of food.

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Vollrath Mirage Pro 59500P – 14 Inch Countertop Induction Cooker 1800 Watt – 120V

This range is equipped with a digital pushbutton control panel and a bright LED readout is easy to see. A convenient temperature memory system that saves our prior temperature setting which is an advanced feature making it the ideal Induction Cooktop in its category.

 It is constructed with a 100-percent framed ceramic top so this range has fantastic durability. Knob control with digital readout makes settings quick and clear. It has a digital troubleshooting display and stainless case top and aluminum bottom. It has low-profile, modern case design. Hundred-Percent factory bench tested for ultimate quality control so it offers great quality.

Find the best induction cooktop

Considering technical specifications, it is 120-volt, 1800-watt, 15-ampere device. It measures 14-inch width by 3-inch height by 15-1/4-inch depth. It has relatively fine control of temperature.

There are a couple things that we need to understand when using the temperature control feature that is the unit monitors temperature with a sensor in the middle of the unit. It actually measures the temperature of the glass top.

Another aspect of this induction burner is that they expect the cookware to be left on the burner. Lifting the pan to shake the contents will result in the burner shutting off. It will turn back on once the pan is replaced, but might take five seconds or more to register the return of the pan.

Frozen foods are easy to cook at a faster rate using this cooktop. Power control is smooth and flawless accurate over the full range of power control. There are more temperature and power steps in this price range. Quiet constant frequency control is a useful feature.

Features and flexibility of this cooktop are for knowledgeable chefs in professional kitchens. But it can be used easily at home on a regular 120-volt plug. So this is for serious chefs who know minimum safe temp cooking recommendations. 80 percent power is for longer cooking times apparently for the safety of the wiring.

This appliance is a joy to use. fun and simple and easy to clean. The temperature knob is easy to spin between low and high setting. So this is a heavy duty and durable model.

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Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop

Fagor is the worldwide pioneer in induction technology. This electric appliance is very much energy efficient, innovative, safe and dependable. This device offers countertop convenience  all at our fingertips. They are designed with precision and constructed of the finest materials all while being environmentally conscious so it is eco-friendly.

Best portable induction cooktop

It is updated and more user-friendly Portable Induction Cooktop apart from the rest. It uses 90% of energy produced while providing precise and instant heat. It also cooks up to 50% faster than gas and electric which saves energy and money.

In this, the temperature setting ranges from 140-430 f and has 1800 watts of power. It has 7 power level settings that are related to various cooking functions such as melt, warm, boil, sear, stir fry. It is very durable and easy to clean because of high-quality Schott clean glass surface. It includes a child safety lock.

It also has 2 quick launch buttons that are boil and warm which takes the unit directly to either desired power level. It has a very light touch like on a smartphone. It cooks very quick depending on what number we put it on.

This model has a defect in the design that causes the heat to shut down unpredictably. So this is the recommended Induction Cooktop to use at home.

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True Induction P3D Single Burner Induction Cooktop, Energy Efficient

This cooktop offers a variety of important features. Overheating sensors recognize when no cookware is present. Timer function and exact temperature setting are available for precise cooking.

Best induction cooktop to buy

It melts chocolates and confectionaries with a double boiler and cooking are 90% efficient. The simple touch controls of the True Induction cooktop make it truly family friendly.

True Induction cooktop come with many safety features built in to keep cooking safely. The cooktop will stay cool to the touch during cooking and will only be warm where the pot or pan was.

True Induction cooktops will automatically detect pots or pans when they are near the induction burner. This a great safety feature that ensures that the cooktop will only heat up when there is a pot or pan present.

So with 1600W of cooking power, this single burner cooktop will cook our food to perfection. Induction cooktop requires that our pots and pans should be made out of a magnetic material. This cooktop is suitable for pans up to 10″ in diameter. This unit uses a 4″ coil.

The cooking is fast and very even and the clean-up is simple as possible because the top is covered by a single sheet of glass and there are no crevices for spilled food or debris to get caught in. The display is also underneath the glass and is very easy to read and operate with very sensitive capacitative touch controls.

The fan loud when compared to other burners. The fan seems to spin at a higher RPM than other induction burners and thus keeps the whole burners as a whole cooler. So it is highly recommended in terms of performance and looks; quite an aesthetically pleasing design in person with no apparent corners being cut in production. It is very high quality built device.

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There are a few things to consider when selecting an induction cooktop. Elements, such as features and design of the equipment should be taken into consideration. To begin narrowing down our options, we should consider our space and needs. Firstly we should consider our budget. While some cooktops are very expensive but others are entirely affordable. So we can find best suited induction cooktop by comparison shopping.

What is the best induction cooktop? All of the induction cooktops  have a similar range of high to low power. We should really base our decision on functional characteristics.

So below mentioned are some of the points to be considered while choosing your most efficient induction cooktop-

Size and number of burners– It is one of the most important decision-making factor. We should select a cooktop as per our size requirement.

Battery backup-A good induction cooktop should have an inbuilt rechargeable battery to give backup on power failure.

Overflow Detection-Smart sensors should be there to detect and prevent overflow while cooking which will keep our kitchen cleaner.

Program mode-An ideal model should offer programmable modes for different recipes.

After-sales support– Induction cooktops are high power devices. Hence good after-sales support is important. So we should go for a brand which gives excellent after-sales support.

A number of cooking zones– Induction cooking zones in this device should provide ample space if we only need to cook basic meals. Cooktops which are wider provide more area so more cooking zones we have, the easier it is to prepare large quantities of food.

Child lock– An ideal model should feature a child lock to prevent our kids from playing with the controls.

Timer– Another feature to look out for is an automatic timer. It allows us to program the cooktop with our own choice because of the busy lifestyle.

Automatic safety shut-off-An induction cooktop should have a safety feature to automatically switch the power off if the cooktop detects that our pot has started to boil over.

So all induction models should have standard features such as a smooth top and appropriate heating, so our choice will vary from the size and type we need. There are cooktops which come separately, for those users who want to replace or buy a built-in variety and also there are stand-alone models which have an attached oven. So different features of this equipment provide a better way of cooking.

Benefits of Induction Cooktop

In this modern era, usage of induction cooktop has increased to a greater extent. An ideal cooktop is portable and its size is also compatible. Its cost is according to different models available. For home use or for commercial purposes we have different models of cooktops.

Power consumption is low as compared to traditional and electric stoves, so it is reasonable also. Induction is a useful form of cooking. An induction cooktop does not generate any heat, but it creates an electromagnetic field that causes the metal of the pan itself to get hot.

The energy produced is transferred directly to the bottom of the pan so no heat is lost in this process, so it is a sustainable form of a cooking method. Even some cooktops are equipped with a rechargeable battery so we can carry these devices to any place.

The induction cooktop has revolutionized cooking with the stove top in a better way. We can even boil water with a blink of an eye. The two major benefits of induction cooking are speed and energy efficiency. The speed of induction cooktops depend on its wattage rating, so more heat will be generated at the maximum power setting.

The heat produced by this equipment is regulated by power levels. It has many uses in cooking. Any type of food can be cooked on an induction cooktop. The only difference of conventional cooking with induction cooking is the mechanism for making the pan hot.

The cookware used for induction cooking is magnetic in nature. The sticking of the magnet in cookware to the bottom will make the cooktop start its working. Stainless steel and cast iron are best choices for the cookware, but aluminum, copper, and glass will not be favorable.


Lots of people turn away from induction cookers because they think it means they will have to buy a completely new set of cookware. Induction does have its limits, but as we will see from the information  it is much more reliable than traditional cooking.

So if we are going to invest in the top quality induction cooktop, then we should consider our own usage because different models are designed for different purposes. Home based models are small and less official, but other professional models could handle large loads. So depending upon the need proper choice and knowledge of the equipment is required so that you select the Best Induction Cooktop for your place of use.

You can also find best camping cookware if you are planning for camping.

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Induction cooktops come in three basic types-

1. Portable Induction Cooktop – It provides the convenience of mobile cooking. The cooktop can be stored easily when not in use.

2. Built-In Cooktop – These induction cooktops are built into counters and have the versatility to fit any kitchen’s layout. Built-in cooktops range from a single burner surface to a full five-burner stovetop.

3.Freestanding Slide-In Range – Freestanding slide-in ranges include an oven with the cooktop. It provides a large choice in combinations of induction and electric heating. They also include a three fan convection baking option.

induction cooktop reviews

All the models vary from one to five elements. There are pan detectors which automatically detects cookware sizes to generate an appropriate amount of heat. A preset function selects buttons to perform various tasks such as boiling water or keeping food warm.

There is an important child lock feature for safety. Best Induction range cooktops are used for efficient, fast, and safe cooking. These features reduce electricity usage, the cooking time is also reduced and the cool surface also eliminates the danger of skin burns.

Best Induction cookware serve many advantages that are – they offer excellent energy efficiency, flexible heating levels, safety, faster cooking, and reliability. But there are several disadvantages of Induction Heaters that is they can be used with a special type of cooking vessels and the cost of buying them is more than conventional electric heaters.

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