How to get Rust Off Glass Cookware

Glass cookware should be handled carefully since the transparency of glass makes it easier to see stains and scratches on the inside and outside of the pots and pans. Proper cleaning should be maintained to make sure that your glass cookware remains stain-free and scratch-free. You should know the right cleaning product to use, which will depend on the cleaning problem that you have. If taken care of properly, your glass cookware can last for a very long time.

Steps to Remove Baked on Grease in Glass Cookware

Cleaning problem: Coffee and tea stains

Solution: Don’t even think of using abrasive materials to scrub the stain off the glass or some of the best quality ceramic cookware. Set aside that steel cloth; you should not use it. Using rough material for cleansing will bring damage to the glass, which can cause breakage later on when the glass is exposed to very high temperatures.

For very stubborn stains, you can use dishwashing detergent or bleach for cleaning. Try using the dishwashing detergent first. Start with two tablespoons of the solution and let it stay inside the pot for 30 minutes. If this does not work, mix bleach with water and let it stay until you can easily scrub the stain off.

Cleaning problem: Burn stains

For nasty burns on glass, try to remove them first by soaking the piece in hot/warm sudsy water. If the stain remains intact, pour liquid soap in the pot, fill with water then bring to a boil. Keep the boiling on for four to six minutes and check if the stain is coming off.

If the stain still won’t come off, substitute baking soda for liquid soap, add water and bring to a boil. The most stubborn stains should be removed by using this method. Just make sure to remove all traces of baking soda residue after boiling the water.

If your glass cookware has burned grease, remove the offending stain with ammonia. For tougher stains, mix water and baking soda then bring to a boil, which should soften the stain. Apply ammonia after thoroughly rinsing the pot. If there are stain marks left on the glass, scour it gently using nylon scrubber, which is gentle enough and will not damage the glass.

Cleaning problem: Mineral deposits

For removing mineral deposits from your glass cookware, only full strength vinegar is good enough as cleaning agent. Boil the vinegar for eight to ten minutes for total cleanup. Put the vinegar to good use after cleaning cookware by pouring the liquid down the bathroom sink and kitchen sink. This will clear up your drains.