Does baileys go bad?

If you think that Baileys shares the characteristics with other liqueurs like vodka, rum, or gin; then you are wrong. It encompasses dairy cream and therefore it is popularly recognized as Baileys Irish Cream. Its inception dates back to 1973 composed of alcohol and homogenized cream. The other 4 ingredients used in its manufacturing includes- Milk, Cocoa Extra, Refined Vegetable Oil, and Herbs and Spices. You can’t keep it for a long period of time. It is definitely meant to spoil with age say after approximately 2 years.

This Irish Cream comes in a 750ml bottle. Despite tasting delectable, you can’t consume it all alone at once. It needs to be stored in a cool and dark place like a refrigerator to avoid it from going bad. To know more about the consumption of Baileys below is a guide that will enlighten you with this dairy liqueur. Have a look.

If Baileys expire is it safe to consume the same

If Baileys expire, is it safe to consume the same?

Baileys is a proud Irish Cream liqueur company that guarantees the consumer that once purchased, their product will last and taste good for a minimum of 2 years. This is even mentioned on the bottle under best before date. After the passage of 2 years, the quality, taste, and flavor of Baileys will start declining. The cream and alcohol will start separating. Owing to this reason, the consumer may experience a minimal or no flavor.

Now the question arises, once the Baileys get thickened and curdled after its fixed life span, it is safe to consume the same? After its best-before date, the Baileys is good to taste for few weeks. Therefore, it is completely safe to consume. But after few months, it is not recommended to drink the same. Besides tasting sour, the thickened and curdled cream may fall you sick.

How Long Does Baileys last if you open it?

does baileys go bad

Once you break the seal of the Baileys and open it; the drink inside becomes prone to the outside environment. Its life diminishes. Still, you can expect a lifespan of about 2 years. To keep it fresh and retain its quality, once you have poured the drink, seal it tightly and keep it in a cool and dark environment. Secondly, ditch the habit of consuming it directly from the bottle to prevent it from external contamination. Consider consuming it by pouring it into the glass.

How long does Baileys last if it is unopened?

If you store an unopened bottle of Baileys Irish Cream in a cool and dark environment, it has the capability to last for several months beyond the expiry date. The alcohol present in the drink serves as a preservative to keep the drink safe and long-lasting.

Indications of an Expired Baileys

There are three aspects that indicate the quality of your Baileys Irish Cream.

  1. Smell- If this Irish Cream smells mouldy, it infers that it has gone bad.

  2. Texture- The appropriate texture of the Baileys is thick and creamy. Therefore, if you see it turning into congealed or lumpy, you need to dump it soon.

  3. Color- Usually the Baileys looks creamy and opaque to the naked eye. However, if it starts showing the signs of separation between cream and alcohol, it means it is unsafe to consume.

The healthy Baileys is the one that has the right smell, texture, and color. The taste must be sweet and creamy. If it starts tasting sour or similar to that of yoghurt, it can’t be enjoyed.

Bottom Line

Besides the alcohol content, Baileys Irish Cream contains real dairy which means it can’t last for an extended period of life. Its average life tends to be of about 2 years. To keep it fresh and delicious for the mentioned time, you need to avoid leaving the bottle unsealed or uncapped.

Though alcohol does a good job at killing anything that may invade your bottle, however, if it is left exposed to air for a long time, the drink is at high risk of contamination. If you want that your bottle of Baileys should not go bad and last longer than the best before date, make sure to keep it in a cellar, cool, and dark room such as in the refrigerator.


Can you freeze the Baileys for an enhanced lifespan? ?

The answer is No! Since its composition consists of a cream, freezing it will just cause an unpleasant change in texture once thawed. Freezing will also make it very difficult to pour out of the bottle. Once you defrost the frozen Baileys, the consistency won’t be the same as before.

How Long Does Baileys last?

Baileys is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 2 years. To make it last beyond its expiry date, store it at the backside of the fridge, away from the door. Once opened, seal it tightly. Never drink directly from the bottle. Doing this can expose the drink to external elements, therefore, making it more prone to contamination.

Can Vegan consume Baileys?

Baileys Almande made from sweet almond oil and almond essence extracted from almonds, cane sugar, real vanilla, and purified water creating a lighter taste is especially made for vegans. It is both dairy and gluten-free.

Baileys Almande has the same two-year freshness guarantee as the original Baileys. It should also be stored in a cool, dark location away from direct sunlight or direct heat.

Is Baileys a healthy drink?

Baileys consist of 13.5 grams of alcohol, 20 grams or 4 teaspoons of sugar, Irish Cream, and the rest other ingredients. This Irish Cream is 50 percent of the beverage and is high in calories. It makes more of a dessert than a drink. Therefore, on average one glass of Baileys has more calories than a Milky Way candy bar.