Kitchen Gear Chantal Enamel Cookware Reviews (Upgraded 2020)

Chantal cookware sets are not as popular as its Cuisinart, American Kitchen, or Kitchenaid counterparts. However, I think it deserves a bit more attention. After all, the Chantal kitchen cookware sets are more beautiful than the mainstream brands. Let me share with you my experience of using one set from the Chantal collection, the Copper Fusion 7-piece Cookware Set.

First Impression Of Chantal Enamel Cookware

I had the privilege of using the Chantal Stainless Steel Cookware Set in my sister’s house during a two-week vacation. Since I had to babysit my nieces, I was assigned to cooking duties as well. The first thing I noticed in the kitchen is the Copper Fusion pots and pans that are very striking in appearance. I have to admit the looks of the cookware set enticed me to cook. However, I still had to try it for myself to see if it was worth my time.

How To Use Stainless Cookware Set?

I used the frying pans most of the time to prepare easy-to-cook items such as scrambled eggs and hot dogs for my little nieces. Overall, I think the pans were easy to use. It has an excellent grip, and the non-stick surface is quite effective. Because of that, I don’t even have to use much oil which makes the food healthier.

I noticed that the pan has a copper base that heats the food evenly and quickly. From using pans that had thin bases, using the copper ones was an improvement.

Chantal Cookware Reviews

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My Verdict

A few more days, I was able to use the other pieces of the Chantal cookware set. Still, I had the best experience cooking with it. It was also safe for dishwasher use, so cleanup was easy breezy. Now, I know why most Chantal cookware reviews are raving about it. It was such beautiful cookware set to keep handy in the kitchen. I would probably buy a set for myself, but the price is something I must save for first. I have read many reviews and saw several five-star ratings, so I know this is one worth it buy for my kitchen.

Where To Buy Chantal Pans?

I do not see a lot of stores that sell Chantal kitchen cookware items, maybe because people are more inclined to famous brand names or affordable prices. I don’t blame them. Still, I am on the hunt for shops selling Chantal pots and pans for cooking. I found a Chantal cookware outlet online. Aside from stainless steel pots and pans, there were also Chantal enamel cookware sets available for sale. I think those items are suitable for baking.

Style, Function, And Convenience All In One

I am really excited to buy my own Chantal set. I have been to many stores that sell popular brand names, and I admit their collections also look good. However, I think the Chantal brand has the most striking set of cookware pieces. They even have the pots and pans in red! Recommended read: Most reliable kitchen appliances brands

Anyways, the usability and convenience that I got from the cookware set are just great for its price. I would definitely recommend this to people who love cooking as much as I do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Should We Look For When Buying Cookware?


  • Price –The amount you budget to pay for your cookware set may be an important factor in your end up buying.

  • Heat conductivity – Some metals conduct heat better than other metals.

  • Durability— Stainless steel is popular right now and is best in this aspect.

  • Reactivity— Some metals react with certain foods. Stainless steel cookware seldom reacts with foods.

  • Maintenance— If you want your cookware set to keep good looks, you’ll have to pay for the maintenance.

Q2. Is Aluminium Cookware Good?

Ans: Avoid choosing aluminum cookware unless it is “anodized”. (the best-anodized aluminum cookware sets). Copper and aluminum cookware should be chosen if you want fast cooking. If you aren’t concerned with fast cooking too much, choose stainless steel cookware. (the best stainless steel cookware sets).

Q3. What Is Special About Chantal Brand?

Ans: The Chantal brand has the most striking set of cookware pieces. They even have pots and pans in red! The usability and convenience that you get from the cookware sets are just great for its price.