Best Nonstick Pan Without Teflon

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We are kind of addicted to using non-stick pans for accomplishing daily cooking chores or heavy cooking sessions. And imagining a day without them in the kitchen is just not possible.

But, Are They Safe?

Though controversies and much debate have been a part of the non-stick pans coated with chemicals. With time and use the little awareness have made people realize the dangerous effects of chemicals known as PFOA which is a part of Teflon material.

Why Do People Prefer Pans Without Teflon?

Suspected to be a carcinogen (cancer-producing agent), the people are just avoiding the Teflon material and are in look-out for pans without this reproductive toxin.

So, today we have endless options which these non-stick pan industries are ready to offer. They are available in eye-catchy and practical designs in various shapes and sizes that are ready to cook your favorite dishes.

These promisingly cook at scolding temperatures without contaminating your food there by keeping it safe.

You get aluminum, iron, and steel options and all come with their benefits. With the similar stick-proof qualities of Teflon coated ones, these pans tend to remain safe. We have described all in detail in the article. If you wanna chef it more!!! Go ahead and shop the one you like and order your NEW favorite cooking companion….

Comparison of The Best Nonstick Pan Without Teflon

★ Best Overall ★

T-fal C41205

ptfe free pans

6 Best Nonstick Pan Without Teflon - Reviewed in Detail

★ Best Overall Non-Stick Pan ★

safest non stick frying pan

1. GreenPan CW0005078

Specifications: The pan is 10 inches round with a depth of 2 inches made up with the ceramic and of the anodized aluminum which can stay oven safe up to 6000F. The pan weighs nearly 2 .12 pounds.

GreenPan CW0005078 is one of the pans which are regarded as the pioneer of healthy cooking.

The pan is usually manufactured using thermal ceramic non-stick without the use of PFAS, PFOA, cadmium, lead, and other harmful material which makes sure that food is cooked without any contamination.

The use of the high-quality coating over the pan makes it free from blisters, peel, tearing away of the coating layer or giving off any harmful fumes that take care of your food even if they are overcooked or heated.

The pan has high-end heat conductivity combined with the feature of the oven-safe makes it one of the best deals to buy. The pan can be used in the oven under the 6000 F. The handles are wonderful at providing a firm grip to the pan and are made up of the Riveted stainless durable steel adding up to increase the life of the handles.

The pan is easy to wash but isn’t safe for dishwashers. Use your hands and the running water to get possible results with a little use of dishwasher liquid or soap to remove the stains, smell, or grease from the surface of the pan. The pan can be used with the coil, gas, or the electric stove but isn’t a useful purchase if you want to use it over the induction.


  • Provides healthy and safe cooking.

  • Light-weighted and easy to cook.

  • The superior quality of the ceramic coating.

  • Budget-friendly.

  • Superior heat conductivity.

  • Long-lasting and durable handles.


  • Unfit with the inductions.

★ Best In-Budget Option ★

ptfe free pans

2. T-fal C41205

Specifications: The pan is 10.5 inches round with a depth of 2 inches made up of ceramic, aluminum, and stainless steel which have the capacity to stay oven safe up to 5000F. The pan weighs nearly 1 .7 pounds.

T-Fal C41205 is one of the most affordable pans with the best possible features.

The perfect round surface area of the pan with the slanted sides is perfect for searing the food. The pan can be used as both pan-frying and sautéing too.

There is no doubt in saying that the pan comes with the best possible material which makes the pan durable and reliable as the main interior of the pan is manufactured using heavy-duty forged ceramic.

The pan is 100% free from harmful radiations and materials like PTFE OR PFOA which ensure the healthy and safe cooking of the food.

The handles are wonderful at providing a firm grip to the pan and are made up of Riveted stainless durable steel adding up to increase the life of the handles. The pan is easy to wash and can be put in the dishwasher too keeping the ease of cleaning in mind. The only drawback most of the consumers face is the pan comes without a lid. But definitely, you can purchase an extra lid to overcome this short limit of the pan.


  • Budget-friendly product.

  • Can be used for various cooking style.

  • Firm and secure grip.

  • Ensures healthy and safe cooking.

  • High heat conductivity.


  • Comes without a lid.

★ Stain-Resistant ★

non stick pans without teflon

3. Green Earth Frying Pan 3-Piece Set by Ozeri

Specifications: The pans are available in 8, 10, and 12 inches round with a depth of 2 inches made up with the honeycomb textured surface and they are made up of die-cast aluminium. All the 3 pans weigh nearly 7.4 pounds.

Green Earth Frying Pan 3-Piece Set by Ozeri is a complete set of pans that fulfill all the desired needs of a kitchen as well as of healthy and safe cooking. They have an attractive look, affordable, and are durable in nature.

The silicon-coated handles ensure a tight and non-slippery grip which makes the pants handy. In spite of the different sizes of the pan, all the pans have the same features.

The entire set of 3 pans are100% free from chemical radiations, material like NMP or NEP and from PTFE and PFOA. The superior coating over the pans ensures no tearing down of the coating and transfer of the harmful substance into the food.

The flat honeycombed textured surface area of the area ensures even and well-cooked food which will not at all stick to the surface of the pan. The magnetized surface of the pan makes it an ideal choice for using it on the induction.

The pans can be used in the dishwashers but the professionals suggest not to use so. They prefer to wash the pan with their hands under the running water.


  • Free from all chemical radiations and substances.

  • Provides the firm grip over the pan.

  • Price affordable set.

  • Highly durable and sustainable.

  • Had superior quality coating over the pan.

  • Scratch-resistant surface.

  • Compatible with the inductions.


  • Not so dishwasher safe.

★ Best Oven-Safe Pan ★

safest non stick pan

4. Waxon Ware Ceramic Pan

Specifications: The pan is 8.5 inches and 12 inches round with a depth of 2 inches made up of ceramic and aluminium which have the capacity to stay oven safe up to 6000F. The pan weighs nearly 4.45pounds.

Waxon Ware Ceramic pan is one of the best oven-safe pans available in the market at present.

The non-stick pan without Teflon is a set of two pans which are capable to withstand the oven heat up to 6000F.

The hard-anodized pressed aluminum alloy used in the manufacturing of the pan ensures even at a high temperature in the oven the pan does not go through any structural damage.

The material of the pan ensures the proper and even distribution of the heat which protects the food from getting the heat spots and cooks better-flavoured food.

The use of stainless steel handless over the pan marks an edge. The handles provide a strong and firm grip which avoids the slipping of the pan and further reinforced using dual rivets for dexterity.

The two sets of versatile pans provide high resistance to the heat and are reliable for kitchen use. The pans are overpriced, maybe some consumers but others find it worthy.


  • Superior heat resistance quality.

  • The strong and firm grip of the handles.

  • Provides the even cooked food.

  • Set of two pans.

  • Pans are versatile.


  • Overpriced, maybe not so worthy.

★ Best For Grilling ★

non teflon pan

5. Tramontina 80110/060DS

Specifications: The pan is 11 inches round with a depth of 1.8 inches made up of ceramic and aluminium which have the capacity to stay oven safe up to 3500F. The pan weighs nearly 3.1 pounds.

Tramontina 80110/060DS is a non-stick, Teflon free pan best for grilling purposes. The ribbed interior surface of the pan helps in the grilling of the variety of delicacies.

The pan is free from all the toxic material like PTEE, PFOA, cadmium and PTFE. Hence, ensures the safe and healthy cooking keeping away all the contaminants or smell which can spoil the food.

The heavy gauge cold-forged aluminium inside the coating of the pan helps in protecting the surface and makes the pan scratch resistant.

The pan handle consists of a hole, which is an additional and unique feature, helps to store/ hang the pan up when it is not in use or can stand over the rack.

The appropriate, comfortable and luxurious design of the pan has soft yet firm grip handles which make the pan easy to hold. The only drawback most people crib about is that the pan comes without a lid. This only drawback sometimes makes the cooking a little difficult for a few people.


  • Best surface optimization for grilling.

  • Free from all toxic materials.

  • Comfortable and easy design.

  • Easy to store after the use.


  • Comes without lid.

★ Best For All Stovetops ★

teflon free pan

6. WaxonWare AW/ST-FP11

Specifications: The pan is 11 inches round with a depth of 2.3 inches made up with ceramic and of the aluminium alloy which has the capacity to stay oven safe up to 3500F. The pan weighs nearly 2 pounds.

The non-stick, Teflon free pan can be used on almost all the stovetops used in modern-day to day life.

It can be used over gas, halogen, glass, and electric stoves but keep in mind that it is not suitable for an induction stovetop.

The pan has an electromagnetic bottom surface which makes it perfect for almost all the stovetops and further tries to ensure the maximum and even distribution of the heat.

The pan comes with the stay calm handles ensuring the safe cooking.

An additional feature, the pan comes with a free table mat which allows you to keep the pan directly over it without waiting for the pan to cool down and later keep it on the table or any worries regarding spoiling your table surface is solved.

The premium quality of the pan is assured by using 3003 aluminium alloy making it durable, stylish and easy to use.


  • Suitable with almost all stovetops.

  • Ensures healthy and secure cooking.

  • Bonus table mat available.

  • Strong and robust design.


  • Not much heat-resistance.

The Conclusion:

The Teflon free nonstick pans do ensure healthy and safe cooking. If all the pans would be compared, then according to the research the GreenPan CW0005078 would be one of the best possible purchases, which ensures healthy and safe cooking. In addition, have high heat resistance capacity and strong handles provide the best firm grip.