Choose Best K-cup Coffee Makers According To Your Need

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Keurig is the only brand which you can find everywhere around you. Despite the technology’s satisfaction, the brand has one of the simplest coffee makers which are easy and good to use. They look stylish and don’t occupy much space. Usually the category of single-serve brewer is called “k-cup”.

It is not necessary that only Keurig or k-cup coffee makers are the best coffee makers present in the market. According to experts, almost every pod machine is worthy which is merely the middle of the road.

Although many other brands like Cuisinart, Keurig, Mixpresso etc provide k-cup coffee pods.

So let’s unfold some best K cup coffee makers for those who know the value of the coffee.

Comparison of The Best K Cup Coffee Makers

★ Best Overall ★

Cuisinart SS-10

best k cup brewer

★ Best Value ★

Keurig K-55 Classic

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4 Best K Cup Coffee Makers - Reviewed in Detail

★ Best Overall ★

k cup brewers

1. Keurig K-55 classic

Out of the all coffee machines present out in the market, Keurig K-55 is one of the best purchases as the company invented the single-serve coffee machine. The machine works best with the official k-cup coffee pods, designed by the company.

But the machine is capable of working with the other company’s or brand’s pods. The simple and easy interface makes the machine easy and convenient to use for the consumers.

The K 55 is bulky and a heavy machine weighing nearly 10.6 pounds with a height of nearly 13.3” which further has the indicators that represent the water level, heating, and descaling. The machine has a 48-ounce large water tank at an affordable price with an automatic off system.

The machine is not at all suitable for the small kitchens even though the machine is firming, highly feasible, durable and utmost easy to clean. The machine is definitely a great choice in terms of both value of money and features it provides.


  • Fast and less brewing time.

  • Effortless and intuitive interface.

  • Works best with all medium size pods.

  • Pocket-friendly and affordable price range.


  • Weighty and bulky.

  • No warranty.

  • Reports pumping failure sometimes.

★ Single-Serve Brewer ★

best k cup brewer

2. Cuisinart SS-10 Coffee Maker

The machine is a highly customizable single-serve coffee maker that is highly compatible with almost all the pods including k-cups.

The machine can also work with reusable filter cups which allow you to choose the coffee of your choice.

The 72-ounce water tank with the charcoal filter allows its users to brew coffee in about five different sizes i.e. four, six, eight, ten, and twelve ounces.

Although the interface of the machine is a bit complex but comes with a variety of customization options.

The machine has an in-built digital screen clock which allows you to set up the specific brewing time for your coffee.

Besides the coffee, other beverages like tea can also be made by using this maker by just adjusting the water temperature of the machine. The maker also has another feature called self-cleaning.

The maker comes with a three-year warranty. Although the design of the machine makes it look cheaper it is way more expensive as all the silver body of the machines gives a very sheikh, simple yet attractive look.


  • Variety of customisation options available.

  • Self-cleaning ease.

  • Big water tank with charcoal filter.

  • Easy and reusable filter cups.

  • Three year warranty time.


  • Not at all pocket friendly.

  • Weighty and bulky.

  • The interface is not easy to use.

★ For Small Or Single Person Use ★

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3. Keurig K155 Office Pro

If you are planning to add up a coffee machine into the office setting, then definitely this is the best purchase. The machine is more or less like a K-classic.

They even add up almost all the cons of the K-classics in its pros. It is best for commercial use and it is built with heavy machinery.

The machine is built with a very exquisite design having advanced features like LCD touch screen interface. The interface is specially designed to enhance to the comfort level of the users.

It is easy to navigate the features and the setting of the machine. The large 90-ounce water reservoir is an exception and one of the outstanding features of the machine which can make a maximum of 18 cups at a time with a fast brewing time.

The super-fast and high-quality speed of the machines allows you to get out coffee in just under a minute. The machines even let you adjust the ideal temperature, so you get the coffee exactly you desire. Although it is a highly-priced machine, it makes the best possible use of the money spent on it.


  • LCD interface.

  • Large water tank with 90 ounces capacity.

  • Adjustable temperature control.

  • Lightning and fast brewing time.


  • Highly-priced.

★ Best Oven-Safe Pan ★

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4. Keurig K mini

They are perfect options for the dorms, apartments or even for the small kitchens. They are so compact and portable that that is nearly around the size of the punch.

They are having the inbuilt feature of auto shut off after nearly one and half a minute in order to save electricity.

There are usually two sizes to be chosen from either six or twelve ounces.

In order to reduce the expenses, they are highly compatible with the reusable filters and can further accommodate the travel mugs regardless of their shape and size over slimline size.

Although the machine creates a bit of noise while it is working despite the easy and convenient design, it is only a nice purchasing option for those who are not having enough space to keep up the heavy, bulky and space-consuming machine.


  • High compact.

  • Brew in two different sizes.


  • Noisy.

The Conclusion:

A variety of k cup coffee makers is available in the market, but some of the best purchases have been mentioned above considering the customers’ reviews and the choices they make in different situations. Not every single K cup coffee machine is suitable for everyone. Considering the different requirements of the consumers different k cup coffee machines have been selected. I Hope, this article will help you to put your money into a fruitful purchase.