Best Cordless Fillet Knife 2022 [Updated]

Any kind of filleting meat, cutting, and carving tasks are made much easier and 10x faster with the electric fillet knives. All your pressure from the arms and hands is taken away as these knives minimize movement and just make food prep as easy as the winking of eyes.

Of course, they are scary!! As they move on their own, but do not worry…. safety features form the part of these easy breezy knives.

Undoubtedly, nothing can beat the convenience of a cordless fillet knife.

Much better than the usual knives, the cordless electric fillet knives are all the rave in the modern days and they deserve this appreciation pretty much.

But so many options and different jobs to be dealt with, could be confusing and then the perfect one needs to be picked up by you. You need to consider a whole lot of factors and we will help you out and lead you in the right direction to choose the best cordless fillet knife for you.

The most proficient and top-rated electric knives available in the market are mentioned here with their other very many benefits:


★ Premium Choice ★

Bubba Li-Ion Cordless

battery operated fillet knife

  • Long Lasting Battery

  • Easy To Grip Surface

  • Plenty Of Blade Options

★ Best Overall ★

Rapala Cordless Fillet Knife

rapala cordless fillet knife

  • Longer Bettery Life

  • Very Consistent Speed

  • Knife With Ergonomic Design

★ Best Budget ★

One Touch Knife

best electric fillet knife

  • Very Lightweight

  • Easy To Operate Knife

  • Balanced Handle For Precise Cutting


“Long battery life lets you achieve all filleting needs with ease.”

All your fish filleting needs can easily be achieved by this Li-Ion Cordless fillet knife by Bubba. This comes with 4-blades exhibiting different lengths that allows you to cut any fresh catch effectively.

The item includes a carrying case for all sorts of travelling needs. The knife handle is designed in ergonomic shape and non-slip features together keep it safe and comfortable.

It comes with a handy LED light that lets you know when it will need a recharge.


  • Non-slip grip handle provides outstanding grip security.

  • Dual-rivet blade design.

  • Ergonomic trigger.

  • Coated with TiN stainless steel.

  • Blades are convenient and easily movable.

  • EVA case for transport and storage.

  • Dimensions: 8.5” handle length and weighs 1.11 pounds.


  • Most of the users are satisfied with this.

Critical Reviews

According to some of the users, the knife blades do not function as advertised and the slow speed makes cutting through the fish a bit troublesome. But most of the ones who have used this have reviewed that the battery has a long life and blades are sharp.

“Powerful battery life lets you accomplish more.”

Before you go for a recharge, this cordless knife helps you accomplish cleaning up to 12 fish in one go. This is a power-packed lithium-ion battery that can last up to 80-minutes while consuming just 2 hours.

For long fishing trips this knife is a perfect thing to take as the motor is quiet and handle features a relaxed-grip.

Ribs and fish bones are absolutely easy to cut through as this comes with a 7-inch blade. More or less it is an ideal one for fish only.

The battery knife is quite long lasting and suitable enough to fillet 100-fish. This cuts fairly clean and some of the users also use it for carving too.


  • 80-minutes continuous runtime without loss of power.

  • Consistent speed and torque from fillet to fillet.

  • Charges rapidly in just 2 hours.

  • Advanced air-flow design.

  • Relaxed grip body.

  • Quiet long-lasting motor.

  • 7″ Reciprocating Blades.


  • Suitable for fish filleting only.

  • Carrying Case not included.

Critical Reviews

This comes with a single blade and doesn’t include a carrying case. Some of the users feel it is difficult to store and carry it.

“A perfect combo of convenience and affordability.”

As this is a cordless model by One Touch so you can take it anywhere without restrictions as you do not need a power point.

After you have finished the filleting task then the blades can be washed in the dishwasher with utmost ease and for next usage you can store it in the kitchen drawer after they are clean and dry.

They feature twin durable stainless steel blades which are lightweight, with a balanced handle for precise cuts and slices.


  • Effortless one touch operation.

  • Compact in size and fits your kitchen drawer.

  • Twin durable stainless-steel.

  • Blades are dishwasher safe.

  • Lightweight with a balanced handle.


  • Not useful for big fish.

  • Carving meats is not easy.

Critical Reviews

According to some of the users, this knife has a sharp blade, cuts precisely but only the smaller sized fish and anything over 1.5 lbs is troublesome to handle. You need to be careful while using it as the sharp blade may cut your fingers.

“Brilliant cutting efficiencies with low charging time.”

Even after sizable food prep sessions this electric knife by Waring won’t be wearing your arm.

This features two blades:

  • One for cutting

  • One for carving meats

Without getting heated-up this cuts through turkey bones, goes up to 15 steaks, or cut ribeye loin as this possesses powerful. Stainless-steel 10-inch carving blades.

This knife set is complete in itself with two strong blades, an ergonomic handle, case, and a cutting manual. Low charging time with excellent cutting power is what you get when you buy this amazing cordless knife.

Some find this knife a bit high-priced but I think it’s worth the splurge.


  • Quick charging.

  • Merged LED light for improved visibility in low-lit areas.

  • Power switch safety interlock.

  • Heavy-duty charging case.


  • A bit tricky to hold and cut.

Critical Reviews

Some say that you are required to hold the button in order to make the blade work. They even say this is not long-lasting. Though most of the others say this has great cutting power such as a bread-knife on the turkey.

“So fast, just 30-minutes to recharge.”

This has an accompanying carrying case, an ergonomic handle, along with a lock-unlock feature and lithium-ion batteries that are quite powerful.

When you buy this you get two cutting choices:

  • Serrated blade for meat and bread.
  • Straight-edged blade for vegetables, fish, and fruits.

The knife requires just 30-minutes of recharge and this charge lasts up to 20 minutes only. You will need very less time for food prep and more. Easy handling and convenient storage cases are liked by the users a lot.

This is an ideal option than a manual or a folding fillet knife for home chefs or pro cooks.


  • Cordless and rechargeable.

  • Heavy-duty case with easy grip handles.

  • Easy-to-use, one-touch operation.

  • Ergonomic design.

  • Safety lock/unlock feature.

  • Two stainless-steel dishwasher safe blades.

  • Two 3.9-volt lithium Ion batteries, AC adapter included.


  • You need to be careful as the blades are sharp.

Critical Reviews

Some say that you need to be extra cautious while inserting the blades for preventing any accidental cuts. One more thing is for its operation this should be kept charged all the time.

Consistent speed and torque is what you get from this Rapala Lithium-Ion. Without any loss of power you get 80-minutes of continuous run-time and that too per battery.

This combo pack is a complete set that includes 6″ & 7-1/2″ Blades. You get a comfortable and a relaxed grip that provide you fatigue-free filleting.

This does not get heated up easily as the air-flow design makes the engine run cool and smooth. The EVA padded storage case keeps the knife and blades intact and makes storage and carry convenient.

Includes Lithium-ion batteries and a wall charger.


  • Consistent speed and torque.

  • Comfortable and relaxed grip.

  • Includes two reciprocating blades.

  • Advanced air-flow body design.

  • Includes 2 Lithium Ion Batteries & Wall Charger.


  • The blades get stuck in the handle some times.

Critical Reviews

Few users who are used to a fixed blade knife find the locking of the blades a bit tedious and the safety button is not of much use as per their experience. But most of the users are just amazed by the quality, price, and performance of this combo pack. They really appreciate the efficiency of the reciprocating blades.

Choosing The Right Cordless Electric Knife

We hope that by now you are absolutely clear about the advantages which these electric-knives are designed for. But selecting the right one that fulfils your requirements might leave you confused.

We are here to guide you in the best way:

What You Want To Cut Matters

Select The Blade Type Accordingly

Many of us don’t realise that the same knife blade can’t be used for cutting all sorts of food. Every blade’s knife is designed intentionally to serve a specific task. For proper and orderly cutting of different foods and that too with minimalist needs also require few blades.

Serrated For Bread/Tuna Sticks

Serrated blades are perfect for cutting materials like bread and allow softer materials to expand while being cut as they put pressure on the tip. This way less crumbs are left on your kitchen counter and you are left with more bread to eat.

Smaller pieces of tuna sticks, meat or beef can be cut with serrated blades with ease.

Curved For Fish And Smaller Produce

Curvy, thin, and flexible, the fillet knives are made to offer easy manoeuvring to cut fish easily from inside. Like a pro you can cut with the thin shaped blade without crushing the delicate produce.

Straight Blades For Meat

Straight edge and thickness of carving knives is more. If you want to cut meat or carve it then straight blade is the right option to go for. But for smaller portions of pre-packaged meat, serrated is the right one.

Blade Length: Shorter For Filleting, Longer For Carving

For chopping or cutting small produce or tender meat, a 7-8 inch blade is fine. For bigger tasks, you will need more power and like a Thanksgiving turkey, tough veggies such as acorn squash, or a roasted pig a blade of at least 9-10 inches is required.

cordless electric knife

For Hand Protection Ergonomic Handles Are Perfect

Ergonomic is a common word which is being used these days and the knife handles with this helps in adjusting the body’s natural movements easily to the environment.

The knife handle is the main thing that makes you have a control of it for various tasks. The contour of your hand should have the right fit.

Squared-off or sharp angles don’t make a handle ergonomic, rather the naturally curved contours matching with your hand make all the chores like breeze.

These types of handles are usually longer to support your hands and fingers (grip strength for your ring and pinky fingers) as short handles are never suitable for longer periods.

If you are a leftie then don’t worry as the ergonomic handles are ambidextrous in nature. If buying online, then probably you cannot feel the grip or its comfort, so go through the real user reviews for the best details about whatever you wanna know.

Battery Life of 20 Minutes is A Must

The knives which have a shorter battery life tend to charge also faster. Be it cutting, slicing, or dicing, most of it you can do in this much time. If you are indoors and next to a power source then 20 to 30 minutes time is sufficient. But if you are going for long camping or fishing trips then a battery run-time of at least 1-hour is needed.

Evaluate The Safety Features

Safety is a potent factor, be it for any knife. But if it’s an electric one then you need to be extra cautious as they are much more powerful than the usual knives. Prior to your selection ensure that your knife offers all the safety measures.

  • Ensure the Handle Is Close to the Switch and Control Buttons: This is a convenient and more practical feature than the ones which have buttons or switch positioned at absurd places.
  • Check if it’s Convenient to Wash: In our lives of today that are full of hustle bustle, cleaning the knives should be a convenient affair. These knives are electric and have batteries, so select the one that can be disassembled easily.
  • Dishwasher-safe knives come with a big yes!! As the stainless-steel blades are rust-resistant and are ideal for dishwasher washing, consider this too before you select.

Consider Price Points for Better Quality

There are electric fillet knives that are available with a low price tag of $25, but if you want some good quality knives then go for a knife that is no less than $75. After all, you need a knife that puts the least pressure on your hands, arms, and wrists.

Many top-rated brands such as Rapala, Cuisinart, Shun, Wusthof, Kai, are doing brilliantly in the market these days and producing the most amazing knives on earth. For precise and cleaner cuts you can go for knives that are around $125. This will help you chop and cut through the most notorious veggies, fish, and meat. This is a matter of your personal preference and budget too.

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