Best Cookware For Electric Glass Top Stove 2020

In search for the best cookware for electric glass top stove? You would have definitely opted for a glass top stove that screams style and sophistication. But having a glass top stove is not sufficient. You need a cookware that will compliment the glass top stove in your kitchen, both in its functionality and in its features.  Given that there is a lot of delicateness involved in handling glass top stoves, you need cookware that will do exceptionally well and does not harm your cook tops. In that line, let us take a look at some of the leading industry players for the best rated cookware for glass top stove here.

Top 5 Bestselling Cookware For Glass Top Stove Comparison Chart


Cook ‘n Home 15-piece Nonstick Cookware Set

A set that guarantees that you will want for nothing when it comes to cooking! It has everything from a simple spoon to a complete casserole. The aluminum is the best choice when it comes to cooking over glass top and that is exactly what has been used in the construction of this elegant cookware set. Also the material is used such that it offers light weight and is quite efficient when heating. The non-stick coating paves way for minimal usage of oil which just cinches the deal for even the health conscious ones. Not swayed? Well, here is a look at how efficient this cookware set is.


  • The coating on the pan is so efficiently done that it lasts for a longer period than your average cookware.
  • The cookware makes use of the heavy gauge aluminum which ensures not only a sturdy construction but also even heat distribution.
  • Evenly distributed heat ensures a proper and flavorful cooking.
  • The glass lids are made of tempered glass and are completely shatter and heat resistant.
  • The tempered glass lid ensures that you monitor the cooking without opening the lid any time.
  • The handles are soft and cool to touch despite the number of minutes the cookware has been over the fire.
  • The exterior of the cookware is also amenable for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Compatible with gas, electric cooking tops.
  • Enticing black color set encompassing dutch oven , casserole, sauce pan in two sizes, frying pan in two sizes and 5 different tools for cooking and serving.
  • The handle is designed in the anti slip model for a comfortable cooking experience.
  • Dishwasher safe meaning no time spent on washing them with hands. More time to relax.
  • The biggest benefit that you get with this set is the unbelievable price.


  • The cookware is not conducive for induction stove.
  • The cookware is not safe for use in oven. So if you want to use it only on gas and electric tops, then you have the ideal companion.
  • The grooved bottom has to be cleaned with care so that the soap doesn’t get stuck in between.
  • While the pans can withstand high temperature, it is better to cook them at low or medium heat.

Our Review

While there are minor disagreements on the performance of this cookware set, the pans and the casseroles are definitely easy to maintain and if done properly will last for a longer period of time. Do not abuse the product and you will be surprised by the durability. Try to use only the plastic, wooden spoons/ ladles with the set to ensure a scratch free cookware. Also given that it is non-stick you can clean them with hands with a easy swipe of a paper towel and warm soap water. It is therefore recommended that you don’t use the dishwasher even though it is safe to do so. Overall, I would rate this as a wise investment for the benefits it offers!

Paula Deen Signature Nonstick 15-piece Porcelain Cookware Set

A complete kitchen set to meet with all your dinner, lunch or breakfast requirements! Yes, the signature set from Paula Deen brings to you everything you would ever need in the kitchen, from sauce pans to measuring spoons. And all of that has been constructed in a premium porcelain exterior which makes the set look extremely stylish and amazingly sophisticated. The product with its many features like easy cleaning and stain resistance does make up for a good addition to the kitchen shelves. Read on to know more.


  • A complete set with saucepans of varying sizes, stockpot, sauté and skillets along with the measuring spoons for comprehensive cooking use.
  • The set with its color speckled exterior, constructed in porcelain definitely makes your kitchen look more elegant.
  • The exterior is not just attractive but is extremely durable too.
  • The porcelain exterior is easy to clean with hands and its stain resistant properties further simplify the maintenance job.
  • The heavy gauge making ensures that the heat spreads fast and even across the cooking surface.
  • The interior is made of Durable Dupont Teflon makes for an easy to clean interior as well.
  • The handles are a nice compliment to the body of the pans and the pots with copper plated rings in the end for easy convenient hanging on the walls.
  • Dual fasteners ensure a firm grip of the handle and the material ensures a soft grip for you.
  • Keep your flavors locked in while you cook with the tempered glass lids that are both heat and shatter resistant.
  • What more, you can easily monitor your cooking through the glass lid.
  • The glass lids are further equipped with stylish complimenting color knobs in copper.
  • The entire set is completely safe to use in oven and can withstand up to 350 degrees F.


  • For one, it is not compatible with the induction gas tops.
  • It would be better to treat the set to a low or medium heat while cooking.
  • There is no mention on whether this is safe to use in dishwasher. But it would be better to wash it in hands.

Our Review

At one look, this is definitely a wonderful blend of quality craftsmanship with classical design. Every single pot and pan of this set has been crafted to blend with the kitchen and they are completely adorable even to serve. Yet, there are some concerns raised over the period by different customers on the usage of these sets. The common factor that we can cull out from these reviews is that unless you use it with care, you will not be doing justice to the entire set. My suggestion is take proper care of this cookware set by not subjecting it to extreme heat, not using metal utensils with it and by not loading it into the dishwasher. These things ought to ensure a longer lifetime. Overall, this is worth investing if you are ready to use it wisely!

Emeril 12-piece 3-ply stainless steel cookware set

A set of stainless steel pieces that ensures you have everything you need to make for a complete meal , the Emeril 12-piece 3-ply stainless steel cookware set is a must have in everyone’s kitchen. With stainless steel body and tempered glass lid that can withstand extreme temperature, the set is designed ergonomically to provide the user with extreme comfort while cooking. With a lifetime warranty, there is nothing that you could want for when you own this piece from Emeril.


  • The cookware set is constructed with aluminum and tri-ply stainless steel.
  • The construction is strong and is optimal for conducting heat evenly across the entire surface.
  • The rims of the cookware are designed with a flaring at the end to help you pour out the contents without a spill.
  • The lids are made of tempered glass which while preserving the cooking flavors ensure that you monitor the cooking with ease.
  • The glass lids are completely safe against heat and can withstand up to 350 degrees F of heat.
  • The entire cookware set excluding the glass lids can withstand a heat of 550 degree F which makes it suitable for using in ovens.
  • The handles are designed ergonomically keeping the user’s comfort in mind.
  • The grip is both comfortable and secure while you cook and the handles are bolstered fast with the pans.
  • The cookware can be used on any kind of cooking tops like ceramic, electric, gas and induction.
  • Completely safe to use in dishwasher without worrying about any coating wearing off.
  • The life time warranty speaks for the quality of the product.
  • No worries on using stainless steel spatulas or spoons with the cookware.
  • No health related worries given that there will not be any gas fumes or toxins released by the pan when heated.
  • Solid feel and are built to withstand the test of time.


There is not any downside or drawback one can think of with this cookware set. It has everything you would hope for in a cookware and more.

Our Review

Coming from a family that loves cooking, I have had the opportunity to test out different cookware sets from multiple brands. And let me tell you, this set definitely ranks on top in terms of its ease of use and performance. If you are looking for a cookware that is flexible to use on any cook top, like me, then you would find these to live up to your expectations quite easily. They are very consistent in their performance and cooking even when they are subjected to different temperature over different cooking tops.

From my point of view, these are definitely a good addition to any kitchen, whether you cook a storm or you only cook occasionally. They don’t spoil the kitchen theme and blend in well as well. A big thumbs-up from my side in getting this cookware for your kitchen!

Rachel Ray Porcelain Enamel II Nonstick 10-piece Cookware Set

Set in eye catchy bright colors, this cookware set is bound to grab your attention and will definitely motivate you to experiment your cooking skills. And they are the perfect company when you want to cook a meal for your family or friends and surprise them. Let me tell you color is not the only factor that works in favor of this cookware set from Rachel Ray line. With every different sauce pan and stockpot in its pack, you can cook anything from lamb burgers to a simple French toast in them. Let us check out the features in detail and see how it fares among its competitors now.


  • The cookware uses durable aluminum which can stand any amount of heat even in the most bustling kitchen without overcooking or under cooking your food.
  • Even cooking guaranteed with a reduction in the hot spots in your cookware.
  • The non-stick interior lasts longer providing a quicker food release.
  • Minimal usage of oil, thanks to the non-stick interior.
  • And the non-stick also ensures that the cleaning is a breeze even when you do it with hands.
  • The glass lids that fit snugly onto the containers are made of tempered glass to provide stability.
  • The glass lid also enables you to watch while you cook without disturbing the process of cooking, not allowing your food to lose flavor or moisture.
  • The matching handles are made of silicone to give a firmer and more comfortable grip.
  • The color is definitely a plus as it is bold and stylish letting others know that you are quite comfortable working in the kitchen.
  • With the cookware being able to withstand heat of up to 350 degrees F, you can use them in the oven for warming up your food before serving.
  • Even the handles, rubberized and dual riveted, are completely safe in the oven like the pot and pan.
  • The bold and stylish looks mean that you can use the cookware directly as the serving dish as well. And you can get them in multiple eye catchy colors.
  • They are lighter in weight and are easy to lift and cook around.


  • They are not safe to use in dishwasher as the coating might wear off. But you can easily wipe them clean with a paper towel and warm water.
  • Metal or other scratchy spatulas or spoons can be used with these sets.
  • Slightly expensive in comparison.

Our Review

Covered saucepans, covered sauté pan, covered stock pot, and a skillet which you can cover too, with tempered glass lids, you have everything you wish for while cooking a meal. Many people go for this set purely because it looks appealing and stylish. But there are also other features that definitely make this set more endearing. The fact that it can heat fast and spread it evenly across the surface of cooking is an added plus to the stylish cookware set. Spice up your kitchen with this elegant set!  Go here to find quality Scanpan reviews.

Lodge Elements Silver Cookware Set

An iconic brand in the US, the Lodge brings to you the most classic combination of the conventional cast iron skillet with stainless steel pots in a single package. It is the best of both worlds, the traditional and the modern. It is common knowledge that cast iron, a pre-seasoned one at that, can help the heat to spread evenly for a better cooking. Similarly a clad bottom is important for sauce pans to have quicker heat conduction. And the Lodge has managed to combine these two facts and give you the optimal cookware set. Let us dig deeper on what this set has to offer us in our kitchen.


  • Includes one skillet made of cast iron.
  • The stainless steel pans are layered and feature a clad bottom which ensures that the heat is spread evenly and fast.
  • The cast iron skillet is pre-seasoned for you to use it immediately.
  • The glass lids are made of tempered glass so that they can withstand the heat and any kind of shattering.
  • There is a silicone handle mitt enclosed with the package for a better grip.
  • The stainless steel make ensures that there is no harmful gas or toxin released into the food upon heating and retains the healthy flavors.
  • There are graduated markings on the inside for helping you to measure out your ingredients and make that perfect recipe.
  • The butt plate constructed with heavy duty metal and riveted to the sides with firm grip handles ensure a longer lifetime.
  • Compatible with all kind of cooking tops including oven, grills, stove tops, gas, electric and induction.
  • The glass lid with tempered glass has a rim made of stainless steel which only enhances the appearance while letting the lid fit snugly into it.
  • The lid of the stock pot can be used to cover the skillet as well.
  • For a combination of cast iron and stainless steel, this set comes at a very affordable price.
  • They don’t move around but sit firmly on the cook top ensuring a better stability while cooking.


  • The design on the lid curls inward slightly where there is a possibility of the grease or water or food particles getting stuck in between.
  • Cleaning the lid can be slightly tough given the design.

Our Review

Are you new to cooking? Then you would want something that will not cause you too much hassle with an even heat distribution and uniform cooking. Unlike certain non-stick cookware that can cause severe harm to your health this product ensures that your family’s health is not compromised in any manner. The cast iron skillet does not just help with a better healthy food but it also ensures a tasty food. Keep the cast iron oiled well to ensure that it works well any day. Professional grade materials in the making ensuring superior performance and definitely a premium set for your kitchen. A good purchase and value for money!

Benefits Of A Good Cookware For Glass Top Stove

A kitchen’s elegance is definitely taken up a notch when you use glass top stoves and when you want to complete the look, then all you need is the cookware that is just right to use on these glass top stoves. Here are some reasons/ benefits of using the right cookware with your glass top stove.

  • Even cooking: The glass top of the stove is flat faced which is also the reason why the cookware for the glass top stove is also flat. This way the heat from the stove is spread evenly across the pan or pot making sure that the food is cooked evenly. The flat bottomed cookware for glass top stove, will have the heat radiating effectively.
  • Material: It is true that you need a cookware that looks elegant and matches with your glass top stove. But this doesn’t mean you can get your cookware made of enamel, glass or stone. The cookware for the glass top stove is generally made of aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel or titanium etc. to ensure that the cooking happens optimally.
  • Care for Glass surface: Another important aspect with this cookware is that they are delicate when they are placed upon the glass top stove. They do not scratch the stove top nor do they cause any kind of damage to the stove surface. Given that the glass top stove generally features a very delicate surface, it is essential to make sure that your cookware doesn’t impact it negatively and cause a permanent damage. Cookware made of hard materials like cast iron might work well for other cooking tops but for glass top stove, only the special cookware in the right materials make the right fit.
  • No paint to melt: Also the top cookware for glass top stoves does not generally have paint on their exterior and hence there is no worry of them melting and damaging the cook top surface. The glass top stoves normally radiates high temperatures and if you use cookware that are not suitable or that which has the paint in the exterior then you are in the verge of causing permanent damage to the cook top. Look for the top quality induction cooktops here.


When choosing the right cookware for your glass top stove, you need to ensure certain basic features like:

  1. A smooth and a flat bottom
  2. The base is heavy so that there is better stability.
  3. Metal in the making will work much better on the glass top.
  4. Not over sized or too small and definitely deep sided to prevent any spills.

Being elegant and compatible with the glass top stoves is the major reason why we prefer the cookware designed specifically for the glass top stoves. Other cookware while it might be fine on other cook tops will not be able to do justice with the glass cook top.

All of the above reviewed cookware sets are definitely compatible with glass stoves. With people trying to make their kitchen looking sophisticated and elegant while delivering all that they need to cook up that perfect meal, you have to be wise in choosing the ideal cookware set for glass top stove that will match with your kitchen theme and your cooking requirements.