Swiss Diamond Cookware Reviews : Make Bright Your Kitchen

Swiss Diamond cookware sets have been in and out of the spotlight for quite some time. Before, the brand used to be popular among many American households. Even my mom said it lived up to its greatness then. However, it has unfortunately been overshadowed by newer, more capable cookware items that have friendlier prices and more stylish looks.

Characteristics of The Swiss Diamond Hard Anodised Brand

The pots and pans bearing the Swiss Diamond brand are known to be true non-stick cookware. It was one of the few cookware brands that delivered on the promise of providing users great pots and pans that prevented sticking to the sides. Aside from that, it promotes healthy cooking by using less oil to fry basic food items. This is made possible by Swiss Diamond’s anodized cookware. Overall, the cookware pieces bear a simple look with a trusty ergonomic handle grip on the pan. I think it looks plain.

The Great Points of Swiss Diamond Nonstick Cookware

For one, there are many types to buy. There are Swiss Diamond reinforced cookware sets and Swiss Diamond induction cookware pieces available for sale. Since there are many items to choose from, I would have many options depending on what I prefer.

Second, the non-stick interiors of the cookware pieces are durable. It can withstand the repetitive use of metal spatulas as long as I don’t use sharp materials like knives on the surface.

Third, the cookware pieces allow uniform heat distribution. Because of this, the food cooks evenly on all sides. I guess this is one of the few hits that I can swear by the product. Most of the cookware pieces are also oven-safe to use.

Swiss Diamond Cookware Reviews

The Missed Points of Swiss Diamond Pieces

As with any product, Swiss Diamond also carries a few flaws with their cookware collection. One of this includes the inability to withstand direct high heat.

Second, most of the pieces of kitchen cookware are not safe for dishwasher use. Most customers find this the hard way when it is too late. As a result, their pots and pans become disfigured after the stint inside the dishwasher. Swiss Diamond sets are recommended for hand wash only. It’s a good thing I didn’t leave my pans to the dishwasher one day.

Third, the prices of the cookware pieces are high. I think I can get cheaper items for the same level of quality.

What Others Have To Say About Swiss Cookware Brand

Most Swiss Diamond cookware reviews online have half opinions. There would be some customers who rave about how useful the pots are while there will also be a group who states that Swiss Diamond products are a waste of money.

My Verdict

Likewise, my heart says that the sets I got from Swiss Diamond are not one of the best. I have a few stainless steel pans that are anodized, and they also bring non-stick features like the Swiss Diamond pieces.

However, I would probably buy other cookware pieces from Cuisinart, KitchenAid, or American Kitchen once my Swiss Diamond set gives up on me.